Best Places to Visit in Philippines

Philippines is a South Asian Island nation located in the Pacific Ocean.Tourism plays a vital role in Philippines economic structure around 5 million abroad tourists visited Philippines in 2015. Philippines is geologically located at an earthquake prone area, so country faces many natural disaster threats. Philippines is surrounded and shared its maritime boundary with three foreign nations which are Malaysia, Indonesia and Taiwan. 

Manila-capital city of Philippines also one of the famous among in cities of Philippines. Tourists often choose Philippines as a favorable location to spend their holidays, the world with beaches, Islands and water sports. Philippines have a handful of travel locations including archaeological sites, historical monuments and artifacts. Country is blessed with its vivid biodiversity, foreigners are visiting Philippines to research about its biodiversity & tourism. In this article we are giving you an idea about the best places to visit in Philippines, we can’t list out every place because it is in abundance, so here are some.

Places you must Visit in Philippine
  • Bantayan Island
  • Quirino
  • Leyte
  • Manila

These are some must visit places in Philippines, Here is the detailed description on each landscape. Whenever traveling to Philippines, money is a prime factor in a travel plan. Well traveller card is a best option, in other scenario the if you have any relatives in Philippines, then send money from india to Philippines online.

Bantayan Island, Cebu
Cebu is one of the finest tourist destinations in Philippines. Bantayan Island is geographically located at the northern tip of Cebu.Sta Fe, Bantayan and Madridejos are the three towns in Cebu, travel highlights of Cebu is its mesmerizing sunset in sand beach. Beach view is fabulous, blue water bed scenery is one of the world’s best for taking pictures. Every tourist become a photographer, start clicking their camera’s pointing to the blue sea and sun. Bantayan Island is now famous in Philippines, so number of tourists visiting the island is increasing year by year. You can do lots of activities in Bantayan Island such as scuba diving, biking and hopping. Bantayan Island has ancient churches in its land, tourists can wander around the historical buildings to use it for their personal knowledge.

Quirino is a well-known travel destination in Philippines, it is a province located in the northern Luzon. This location is named after one of the former Philippines president Elpidio Quirino. The major portion of the province has covered by awesome hilly structures, rivers and Canyons.Quirino hosts a few tourist spots like Quirino provincial Capitol, Maddela waterfalls and TapaoViewdeck. All major landscapes are blessed with enormous beauty of greenery, rock formations & mountains. This side of the state is not much popular as other tourist spots in Philippines, Quirino become famous through mouth publicity.

A beautiful landscape with abundance of nature designed travel destinations. Leyte is geographically located near to the Cebu. City is linked to all prime locations of Philippines via road, so getting to Leyte is not a problem. Travel agencies providing offers & discounts for international & domestic tour packages from various locations in the world. This landscape has divided into two in 1959.Tourists can enjoy their morning by walking through the San Juanico Bridge, this gives you a full view of the Islands. San Juanico connects Leyte to other islands, this is the longest bridge in Philippines, and it covers a distance of 2.16 Kms.

Manila is the capital city of Philippines, relatively the most famous part in the country. The famous San Augustine church in Manila is a world famous tourist destination, it is one of the oldest buildings in Philippines. Church has been built during 1589, this church managed to overcome seven heavy earthquakes (which is very common in this part of the world). Church has a lot to tell about its history, in 1800’s Italians made some paintings in the building which made it look better. Foreigners are visiting Manila to enjoy history, culture and tourist activities, researchers are curious to study in deep about historical matters.