A Day in Historical Chandragiri fort of Kasaragod

Kasaragod - land of rivers, art forms, beautiful beaches,, mosques, temples like Ananthapura lake temple, mudhur temple and historic forts including Bekal Fort. The peoples are very friendly and with unique style of slang is well. Kasaragod is a mixture of all and if you're planning to visit Kerala, Don't miss Kasaragod  Tourist Attractions it has plenty to explore.  

Our journey to Chandragiri fort is quite unfortunate we discovered it well, unfortunately unable to snap pictures that made me bored when i was on, Fort is situated in Kasaragod district. The fort is bordered by the Chandragiri River. This fort was constructed in the 17th century and has a total area of 7 acres. To fort is easily accessible by road. The fort is situated 7 KM from Kasaragod, 21 KM from Kanhangad town via NH66 and 10 KM from Bekal Fort, you can hire a bus to reach near the fort or auto rickshaw which is more budgetable for your journey than hiring a taxi from town.

The fort made of laterite stones is square shaped and is around 46 meters in length. The fort has two sides that face the sea with the watch tower facing the north direction. There are underground passages in the east and west directions and 8 view towers with holes in them for huge guns. The view of the river, sea and the sunset is extremely beautiful. One can take ride in a boat to the nearby islands and the palm groves.  The payaswini river and the lush green land adjacent to the fort makes it ever so beautiful so make sure to visit at the season time. If you have time you can pin Krishna temple in Kumble on your trip. Or the famous Ananthapura Lake temple were lives worlds only one Vegetarian Crocodile.

It was a sunny hot noon day, not much visitors, it get crowd on weekends and evenings to enjoy the view of Sunset.  One thing i noticed is the fort is badly maintained, not at all clean. As the historical monuments like this must given the importance in its maintenance. It need more marketing to attract the public. The district tourism department or state level must have to take necessary actions. At the top of the wall you can enjoy the panoramic views of river and natural beauty. Make sure while getting in to wall there's not even one Security guard.
The history behind the Chandragiri fort is that the river was the border to two main kingdoms of the earlier period namely the Kolathunadu and Thulunadu. The Thulunadu was conquered by the Vijayanagara Empire and the Chandragiri region came under their control. When the Vijayanagara Empire declined, the conquered area was controlled by the Keladi Nayakas of Ikkeri. In the 16th century with the fall of the Vijayanagara Empire, Shivappa Nayaka became the ruler of the independent Chandragiri. It was him who constructed the series of forts including Chandragiri. The forts were built mainly for defense purposes. This fort then came under the control of Hyder Ali and then finally in the hands of the British.

Chandragiri Fort is a nice old fort in a good location, but unfortunately its missing maintenance and care badly. Sad to say that only one staff is take caring for this great heritage site.  View from Chandragiri Fort is attractive. Payaswini River is near to the fort. We can see the river in between plenty of coconut trees. A very long view of sea is visible from fort. I am sure it will become a nice evening spot, if government decided to maintain the fort well. You can enjoy the beautiful sunset from here.