Tourist Places to Visit in Palakkad District

Known as the granary of Kerala. Palakkad is a land of valleys, hill rocks, rivers, forests, mountains, streams, dams and irrigation projects situated at the foot of the Western Ghats, this is the gateway to Kerala from the north. Palakkad derives its name from Malayalam words Pala ( Alsteria scholaris ) and Kadu ( forest ) which goes to prove that this place was once beautiful stretch of forest covered with the sweet scented flowers of the Pala tree.  

Places to Visit

  • Palakkad Fort
Situated in the heart of Palakkad town is one of the best preserved in Kerala. Built by Hyder Ali of Mysore in 1766. The fort was taken over and modified by the British survey of india. The fort is a great place of history, after going around this old fort built by Hyder Ali, felt like living in the period of that period. Huge but nicely designed. Symmetrical shaped corners of watchtowers with water filled moat all around the fort wall. It’s a well maintained fort on the outside, but the interior is filled with lot of shrubs and bushes.

  • Mangalam Dam
Situated 50 KM from Palakkad, a popular picnic spot, the dam is built across the Cherukunnath river, a tributary of the Mangalam river. It the main source of water for the nearby places. People started to migrating from other parts of Kerala and started cultivation after the dam was commissioned. The area is now famous for the rich rubber, pepper and coffee plantations. Even though the dam is small, it’s a terrific tourist attraction for nature lovers. A great place for a one day tour with family and friends.

  • Nelliyampathy
is fascinating hill station is at a height of 467 to 1572 m above sea level. Evergreen forest in ll be a great experience for the tourists interest in trekking. Is a small hill station in Kerala as well as south india. It located 75 KM away from palakkad city. The hill station is blessed with tea plantations and deep forests. You can witness some breathtaking views from here, waterfalls during the monsoon season. Also spot wild animals while your travel.

  • Chittur Gurumadam
Situated in Thekkegramam near Arikkode. Located on the banks of the River Sokanasini ( the Distroyer of sorrows ), this is a memorial to Thunchath Ezhuthachan, the author of Adyatma Ramayana, who spent his last days here.

  • Thenari
It is believed that the waters of this natural spring, located in front of the old Sree Rama Temple here, is as sacred as the waters of the Gangas. The place is also famous for coir industries. Theres many Histories behind Thenari

  • Jain Temple of Jainimedu
Situated on the western suburbs of Palakkad town, not far from the railway station, this historic 32 feet long 20 feet wide granite temple displays images of the Jain Thirthankara and Yakshinis. The region around the temple known as Jainmedu, is one of the few places in Keral where the vestiges of Jainism have survived.

  • Anappady
Situated 238 KM northeast of Mannarkad, a beautiful synthesis of mountains, rivers and forests. Attappady os of great interest to anthropologist as this is the habitat of many tribes like the Irulas and Mudugars.

  • Parambikulam Wildlife Sanctuary
Undoubtedly one of the best places in which to view wild life. There are several district areas each offering its town scenic and animal attractions. Sprawled across 285 sq KM and 110 KM away from Palakkad town. Reservoir here offers boating and cruising facilities. This place is in the boarder of Kerala and Tamil nadu. You can witness Malabar Squirrel, Monkey verities, Deer varieties, Elephants etc. This is tiger reserve if you are lucky you can spot  one during safari. Night staying is also available here for economical price.

  • Malampuzha Garden
Combination of Dam and beautifully landscaped garden is been an importantly tourist attraction over the years. Evening you can also experience the water light shows is well. There are many sculptures and fountains. There's a rope over the garden will give you spectacular views of the garden. Boating facility is also there for tourists.   

  • Siruvani Falls and Dam
The reservoir at Siruvani was built for Tamilnadu b the Kerala Government to meet the drinking water requirements of Coimbatore.Nice place to visit with friends ( Not advisable for senior citizen ). Once we reach the spot the forest department vehicle will pickup and drop in before 1.5 KM of Siruvani falls, from there we have to walk. The water flows from falls is very clean and during the monsoon time is the best time to explore his waterfalls. Public allowed only in falls not in Siruvani dam. The place is best Eco-friendly destination,Plastic waste is banned totally here.

  • Dhoni Waterfalls
Situated 15 KM from Palakkad. It takes a three hour trek from the base of the Dhoni Hills to reach this reserve forest area with its small beautiful waterfall. It’s one of the favorite destination for couples and families. If you really need to explore here you need to visit at the end of monsoon season which the water fall will more powerful and beautiful.

  • Silent Valley National Park
Situated 40 KM northwest of Mannarkad. The 89.52 sq KM National park is believed ti be the sole surviving bit of evergreen forests in the Sahya Ranges. The peculiarity of the Silent valley forest is that it is devoid even of the chirping of cicadas. Vehicular transport is possible only up to Mukkali, nearby 24 KM from the park. The rest of the way has to be covered on foot up to the source of Kunthipuzha which flows through the valley before merging into river Bharathapuzha. True to its name, the valley is so silent and you had to stay really alert with your eyes and ears trying to focus on the directions from where various small sounds come from. On the way you can witness bamboo trees, thriving little waterfalls and few animals like Malabar flying squirrel, Tree snakes, Monkeys, Various birds and tribe of the jungle.

  • Lakkidi
Situated 30 KM from Palakkad. Killikurissimangalam at Lakkidi is the birthplace of Kunchan Nambiar, the 18th century satirist and exponent of the Thullal ( Classical art form ).

Map View of Palakkad