Best Places to Visit in USA

United States of America presents a bunch of beautiful places perfectly suits for your holiday vacations. USA is a developed country with a high economic status earns a major share from its tourism vertical. A foreigner can’t visit all travel locations by a certain travel package, so I like to present top 5 tourist locations in USA. There are 50 states in USA that gives a clear idea on the geographical size of the country. US having many travel locations ranges from New York City, Santiago, Las Vegas, Chicago, beaches and skyscrapers.

Places to Visit in USA

  • New York City
  • Grand Canyon
  • Washington D.C
  • Las Vegas
  • Chicago

New York City

New York City hosts all kind of exclusives of USA including government offices, travel attractions, historical monuments and entertainment hubs. New York is a highly urbanized city, literally known as the heart of United States by all means.

Travel Attractions in New York
  • Statue of Liberty
  • Brooklyn Bridge
  • Empire State Building
  • Central Park
  •  Chrysler Building
  • Grand Central Terminal 
New York is welcoming tourists at all time during winter & summer. The Statue of Liberty is one of the historical & Ironical structure of New York City. It was closed due to some natural disasters but still you can enjoy a boat ride around the Liberty Island and see the travel spectacle in 360 degrees.

Grand Canyon

Grand Canyon is a nature created travel wonder located in state of Arizona. It is 446 Km long up to 29 Km wide, several precautionary steps were taken by former leaders to protect this natural wonder from modernisation. Travellers & trekkers climb Grand Canyon at December 31st and get a spectacular view of sunrise in the Canyon. You can see Colorado River flowing through the Canyon, river played a vital part in shaping the Canyons, which is created by this process during millions of years.

Washington D.C

Washington D.C is the capital city of United States of America. In the year of 1791, city was named as the capital. Washington D.C hosts all major official building complex such as the White House, Congress and Supreme Court. Washington D.C has an estimated population of 6 million people, city is most advanced in terms of technology & tourism. All major technological inventions were first implemented in the capitol. Transportation in Washington has been well established by perfectly designed roads, metro rail and street ways.

Travel Attractions in Washington D.C
  • White House
  • Washington National Cathedral
  •  Lincoln Memorial
  • Smithsonian Institution
  • National Gallery of Art
  • Georgetown University 

Las Vagas

Las Vegas situated in Mojave Desert in Nevada, city has to offer night life, pubs and casinos. Las Vegas has not much to offer in natural tourism. City has built in Mojave Desert to entertain people by having the artificiality of night life in clubs & casinos. City has modernized & economically redesigned from the start of last century. You can Reach Las Vagas by all mode of transportations, city has McCarren International Airport, public bus transportation system etc.

Foreigners from India

Travelling to USA in a tourist visa is an amazing thing, gives lot of energy & enthusiasm. You must travel on a pre-planned budget or select any tourist package from a trusted international tour company. You must do money transfer from india to usa bank account if you have any relation there. If you go without taking consultation from a travel agent, then you are free to go anywhere you like. Traveller card is a wise choice to keep money safe & secure.