Tourism Destinations in Thiruvanathapuram

The capital city as well as the headquarters of the district,  Thiruvananthapuram enjoys a glorious past history. It was the capital of the princely state of former ‘Travancore’ from 1745 to 1956. Then it became the state capital of former Thiru-Kochi from 1949 to 1956. After the formation of the Kerala state it became its capital from1956.

Thiruvananthapuram has number of tourist spots. The entire tourism package such as Backwaters, Hill stations, Beaches, Wild life sancturies are present in this district. Foreign tourists comes this place to enjoy the Beaches, Ayurveda. There are hundreds of recognized ayurveda centres which is available even in Five star beach resorts and hill stations. 

Places of Interest

Sri Padmanabha Swami Temple
Situated in the heart of Thiruvananthapuram city near the East Fort Bus Station. An important temple to visit. It is very near to the railway station also. Marthanda Varma Maharaja dedicated all the places captured by him to Sri Padmanabha and from this time the importance of this temple is started to increase. Kings of Travancore called themselves Sri Padmanabha dasa and began to rule under this belief. It is a temple of great architectural importance. A huge single stone supported by thousand pillers stands as an architectural wonder. There are two festivals in this temple. The tenth day of the festival culminates in an ‘arattu’ conducted by the Maharaja and his people. 

It is located in the heart of the city between Palayam and Vallayambalam. It is one of the major zoos in india. Different Indian and exotic animals, birds and reptiles are the major attractions. It opens at 9 AM and closes at 5 PM . Monday holiday. The
Thiruvananthapuram Zoo is one of the few zoos in india which is located in typical natural surroundings. A vast collection of rare trees and plants gives this zoo a natural look also.

Government Art Museum

It is near the Zoo, Museum opens at 10 AM and closes at 5 PM. Ancient ornaments, sculptures etc are displayed. The traditional unique ornaments of the ancient times of Kerala are pieces of special designs and beauty. The ancient sculptures are of prime artistic importance. They are preserved well and displayed in this famous art Museum.

Sri Chitra Art Gallery
It is near the Museum and Zoo. Paintings of Raja Ravi Varma and copies of paintings of Ajanta caves etc are displayed here. Oil paintings of Raja Ravi Varma are world famous. The paintings collected stored and reproduced from the Ajanta caves are also importance.  The Ajanta Caves gives the picturesque ruins about of the ancient civilization. These include a number of paintings of the ancient times also. These are displayed well in the Sri Chitra Art Gallery. A place no visitor should miss in Thiruvananthapuram. 

Science and technology

A museum to impart scientific and technological information’s to the student community. Located in the heart of the city near muscat Hotel. The museum is set up with the modern scientific trend also. The visitors can have an up to date knowledge about the latest scientific developments. A visit to this museum will benefit to the students interested in science.

This is attached to the science and technology museum. Imparts complete knowledge about the solar system. Here is a complex system of optical projectors for representing the movements of the planets and stars on a domed ceiling. The planetarium that houses such a system attracts people of all ages.

Kawdiar Palace
The place where the last maharaja of Travancore resided. Its architectural beauty is worth mentioning. The place which has a historical value in the historical value in the history of erstwhile Travancore state is situated in a vast ground. It has a picturesque garden also. The mortal remains of the last maharaja of Travancore Sri Balarama varma is buried in this garden. Admission to visitors inside the palace is restricted.

Sanghumugham Beach
It is on western part of the city. Arabian sea embraces the beach. A beach attracted by visitors. A huge sculpture of a mermaid-jalakanyaka-made by the famous sculptor kanai Kunjuraman is an attraction of this beach. Small scale fishing is also done here. The international as well as the domestic airports of Thiruvanathapuram is also near this beach. There is also a flying school attached to the airport.

A tourist centre 3 km away from the city. It has a boat club as well as children’s park. You can have a trip in the lake in fiber glass boats also. The land is designed in an artistic way. A number of sculptures also adorn the garden. The sculpture of a huge seashell made by the famous sculptor Kanai Kunjuraman is attractive.

A beach one kilometer north from the Sanghumugham beach . It has a park, sculptures and fiber glass boats. Here is a boat club also. The visitors can have pleasure trip in the lake in fiber glass boats. The place is adorn with natural beauty also. Special state transport bus services are also arranged from the city to the boat club at veli.

A tourist centre 16 km north of the city. A waterfall is also here. An old temple and a fish pond adjacent to the temple are worth visiting. Karamana river flows through this place. The headquarters of the wellington water distribution project is situated here . The water accumulated in the dam constructed here is pumped, purified and distributed to the different parts of  Thiruvanathapuram city from here. The famous devi temple attracts large number of devotees.

Neyyar dam
A tourist center 29 km away from the city . Here is a mini wild life sanctuary and a dam.
The crocodile farm here attracts tourists. In addition to all here is a picturesque garden  also. Bus services are there from Thiruvanathapuram city to this tourist center.

A tourist centre 60 km away from the city. The place is situated on the top of a mountain and and the climate is very fine thick forest lies on all the four sides of the tourist center .there are number  of beautiful cottages managed by kerala tourism development council for the comfortable stay of tourists . Tea estates of ponmudi are another added attraction visitors can reach the tourist center by state transport buses from the Thiruvanthapuram  city also.

A tourist center 50 km away from the city in the ponmudi route a wild life security is also here a dam is also here. A dam is also constructed in peppara.

A tourist attraction 54KM away from thiruvananthapuram .it is on the top of a mountain belonging to the western ghats. It is located at an elevation of 1890 m. As per  the historical record the famous ancient saint agasthyan meditated in this peak and hence this place got this name. In 1854 an observatory  was started here but closed down in 1865 when the thiruvanathapuram observatory started function. The mountaineering training centre of neyyar dam, utilities this peak for training

Kovalam beach
A tourist place of international attraction situated 13 km away  from thiruvananthapuram city. This beach of high scenic beauty which attracts people from the different  part of the world. The visitors can have sea bath also.a number of life guards appointed to help the tourists. Visitor can avail facilities of small economical lodgings to five star hotels.on the southern side of the main beach there is a small beach called `howa beach`  which the foreigners use for sun bath. There are enough bus service from thiruvanathapuram city to kovalam beach.

Sivagiri pilgrimage centre. Here is the samadhi of sri narayana guru. The papanaasam beach is a place worth visiting. The sivagiri ashramam attracts a number of devotees of sri narayana guru. The varkala tunnel is of historic importance.

Tips for Travellers

  • Best time to visit Trivandum is between October and February. The perfect time for beach holidays and over all kerala it’s the best time for tourists.
  • Kerala festival Onam is on End of august or early September is a good time to visit Trivandrum with including many cultural programs lasting 10 days.
  • The monsoon seasons starts from June every year and is a time of heavy rains.
  • For foreign travellers while you are travelling, you can find out the euro rates in trivandrum easy by contacting the near foreign exchange counter.