Natural attractions of Pathanamthitta

Pattanamthitta is well known as the headquarters of pilgrim worship in Kerala. Most of region is possessed by temples, rivers, mountain ranges and coconut groves are covered by forests.

The district is frequented by visitors from India and abroad often for its water, fiestas, religious shrines and the Cultural Training Centre. Pathanamthitta is bordered by the Western Ghats in the east, Kollam district in the south, Alappuzha district in the west and Kottayam and Idukki districts in the north.

Places to Visit

  • Kakki Reservoir

Tiger, elephants and monkeys can be sighted in the forests surrounding the reservoir. There's a lake, which was created when Kakki and Anathode dams were built. 

  • Perunthenaruvi Falls
Situated 36 KM from Pathanamthitta. One of the most relaxed and welcoming waterfalls on the bank of Pamba River is an attraction to both foreign and domestic tourists. It is a popular attraction situated Vechoochira Panjayat of Ranni taluk.

  • Aranmula Boat Race

A major attraction is the snake boat races held  as part of the festival in August/September also known as Aranmula Vallamkali. Each boat has a length of 100 ft and has 100 oarsmen, 4 helmsmen and about 25 singers. Large crowd gather on the banks of the river to watch this fantastic and most thrilling experiences.

  • Maramon
The peaceful c ountryside of Kozhencherry, Maramon is the venue of a Marthoma religious convention of Christians from all over the world. It is attended by people from all communities and is the largest Christian convention in Asia which is held in February.

  • Mannadi
Situated 11 KM from Adoor, This is where Veluthampi Dalawa, the renowned freedom fighter of Travancore spend his last days.

  • Kadamanitta
Situated 8 KM from Pathanamthitta, The Kadamanitta Devi Temple is famous for the ten day long Padayani performances held in connection with the annual festival in April-May.

  • Konni

Situated 11 KM from Pathanamthitta, An agricultural region, Konni is rich in cash crops like rubber, coffee, ginger tec. It used to be a centre for training elephants. Konni is also known for its elephant rides and the Anakoodu where elephants are tamed and trained for work.

  • Aranmula Kannadi
Aranmula is also famous for its metal mirrors, a unique craft which is not found anywhere else in the world.

  • Kodumon Chilanthiyambalam
Situated 15 KM from Pathanamathitta town. The water of the Chilanthikinar (Well ) in the premises of this temple is believed to cure skin diseases.

  • Aranmula

Nearest railway station is Chengannur. The parthasarathi Temple a dedicated to Sree Krishna on the banks of the holy river pamba, which attracts large crowds of devotees. The famed Aranmula boat race is held on the last day of the week long Onam festival. The Vijnana Kalavedi Aranmula imarts training in the traditional arts like Kathakali, Classical dances,  Classical music as well as Kalaripayattu.

  • Thiruvalla
Thiruvalla is the headquarters of the Malankara Marthoma Syrian Church. The paliakara Church here has some exquisite murai paintings. The Sree Vallabha Temple in Thiruvalla is perhaps the only one in Kerala where Kathakali is performed as a ritual offering every day.

  • Niranam
Situated 7 KM from Thiruvalla, The oldest Christian Church in india, believed to be built by the opposite St. Thomas in AD 52, it was a port in ancient kerala.

  • Pandalam

Nearest railway station  is Chengannur situated 14 KM from Pandalam, As a holy town, Pandalam is perhaps second only to Sabarimala Sree Ayyappa, the presiding deity of Sabarimala had his human sojoum here as the son of the Raja of Pandalam. Pilgrims usually stop here to worship before proceeding to Sabarimala Three days prior to the Makaravilakku festival; the sacred ornaments of Sree Ayyappa are taken in a procession from Pandalam to Sabarimala.

  • Nilackal
Situated 5 KM from Plappally, The old Siva Temple on the Pamba – Pathanamthitta Road an important place of worship. The estate of the farming Corporation and the Ecumenical centre of the Christians are located here.

  • Pamba
This is the main halting point on the way to Sabarimala. It is also known as Thriveni Sangamam – the meeting point of three rivers.

  • Sabarimala
Situated 65 KM from Pathanamthitta town, 180 KM from Thiruvananthapuram and 210 KM from Kochi. One of the most famous pilgrim centres in india, Sabarimala is situated on the mountain ranges of the Western Ghats at an attitude of 914 m above sea level and is accessible only by foot from Pamba ( 4 KM ). The temple is dedicated to Sree Ayyappa. Pilgrim season starts from November to mid January. Mandalapooja and Makaravilakku are the two main events of the pilgrim season. The temple stays closed during the rest of the year expect for the first five days of every Malayalam month and during Vishu ( April ). Nearest railway station : Thiruvalla 102 KM, People of all castes and creed are permitted into the temple. However, entry is not allowed to women between 10 and 50 years of age.

  • Parumala
Situated 10 KM from Thiruvalla and 5 KM ahead of Nirnam. The Ormaperunnal ( Commemoration day ) of Mar Gregarious Metropolitan, the declared saint of Malankara Orthodox Church, Is celebrated on the 1st and 2nd of November, lakhs of pilgrims flock here to ask favors of the saint at this 2000 year old church believed to be one of the oldest in india.

  • Charalkunnu
This picturesque hill station offers a panoramic view of the nearby valleys. A camp house on the hill provides comfortable lodging. The Pamba river flows low 

  • Cherukolpuzha
An important religious convention of the Hindus is held at Cherukole on the river bed of the Pamba, usually in February every year.

  • Gavi
Situated 105 KM from Pathanamthitta and 28 KM from Vandiperiyar. Blanketed by tea plantations, Gavi near Kumily in Idukki district is a picturesque destination. A heaven of bird watchers with more than 260 species of birds, Gavi has been developed into an exclusive Eco-tourism centre. Active involvement of tribal’s in its developmental activities makes Gavi on of its kind in the country. The two-hour jeep ride to this quiet haven passes through tropical forests, sprawling grasslands and cardamom plantations.

  • Manjanikkara Church
Mar Ignatius Elias iii, the holy patriot of Anchiod while on a visit to India, died at this place in 1932. His mortal remains are preserved at this church. Later this place developed into a pilgrim centre. The annual festival ( Ormaperunnal is held in February.

Best Time to Visit

To enjoy the real beauty of Pathanamthitta you have to visit on the Perfect time. Normally in Kerala October to February is the season time which the climate fits for all; you can feel it like Kashmir or Ooty. Monsoon season starts from June to August.

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