A day trip to Wayanad must visit attraction Chembra Peak

The Chembra peak is one of the best tourist spot out of all other attraction in Wayanad and highest peak, at 2050 m above sea level. Chembra is located near the town of Meppadi and is 8 KM south of Kalpatta. Chembra peak is accessible by foot from Meppady. The DTPC ( District Tourism Promotion Council provides guides and trekking facility for reasonable charges for tourists.

The highlight of this peak is a Scenic heart shaped lake on the top of the hill, which is believed to have n ever dried up. From the top you can view the whole of Kalpetta and literally all hills of wayanad also you can witness the fluctuation in weather when the clouds moving towards the peak. The best time visit the peak is November to February time. Best place for groups, Friends, Couples.

To reach the peak you need to take the trekking ticket worth Rs 750 for 10 peoples, 75 extra for each extra person. If you are a group of 5(or any number below 10) people, they will charge the same 750 for the group, and the worst thing is that they won’t allow you to join with other groups to make 10 people. I witnessed a solo traveller paying 750 rupees which I very sad. if you want to save your packet make a group from the bottom of the hill itself before reaching the ticket counter.

It's one of the most easy and relaxing trek's. Easy and safe enough for kids to join along. One can enjoy the beauty of plantations, forest and Hills all around while trekking. There are quite a few streams of fresh water (pure drinking water) on the way in case you forget water bottles. Must say that these mountains and water streams will remind you the beauty of Kashmir. Best way to rejuvenate body, mind and soul with fresh air, music of water streams and warmth of the huge mountains around. The two lakes on top of this hill only adds to the beauty. It will approximately takes about 2 hrs to trek up the hill and 1 hr 30 minutes to come down.

This is more of a long walk than a trek. which seemed a bit costly. Hiring a guide is mandatory and the one who came with us was a college student doing this activity part time. One very good thing about the place is it is plastic-free and that's for a good reason. They collect a refundable fee of 50 rupees per plastic bag you take to the place. 5PM is the closing time of the trek so plan accordingly.

The jeep service fare is 800 rupees. Believe me if you have a car, don't hire a jeep. your car will do fine up to the ticket counter, but the road is not good need an expert off road driver. Bring a water bottle with you. It is a steep climb you will get exhausted without water and try to reach there early in the morning it is so tiring after 10:30 am.

I would say that reaching the peak is not easy, but you get motivated by seeing other tourists. You have to be quite fit to be able to do this. And if it is in the rains, the challenge is more. We did it in July. It wasn't raining but it was drizzling and that's what made it real tough. The rocks get a bit slippery whilst climbing down.

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Tips For Travel

  • Go with Guide,  Selfie Stick, Rain Coat, DSLR Cam, GoPro for entire Tracking and road journey till you reach tracking starting point.
  • Take water and Tea/Coffee Jar in your tracking bag. 

  • Don't use Sedan class Car for journey, use Local Jeep, Mahindra Thar or any 4x4 wheel. 

  • Don't carry extra luggage, Just wear comfortable shoes, shorts and T shirts would be fine