Explore Kasaragod Top Destination Madhur Temple

We planned to explore one of the top destinations of God gifted Kasaragod back in 08-07-2011. Our hit lists were Anandapura Lake Temple, Madhur temple and Bekal fort. It was a bike ride from Sulia by road via Cherkala-Jalsoor road, takes 2 hours to reach. We reached there at morning 10AM. The Sree Madanantheshwara Vinayaka Temple (Madhur Temple)located at Madhur in Kasargod District, which is 8 km away from Sree Ananthapura  Lake Temple , Ananthapuram . There is enough parking spaces for cars outside. Lot of buses also go this way and have stop here.

This is the most renowned one among the four temples built by the Mypadi kings of Kumbla . This temple has a huge three tired '’Gaja prishta’' type Sreekovil. Top two stories are copper covered. The second and third storeys of the sreekovil are also profuse with attractive and exquisite wood carvings.was constructed around the 10th century . The temple renovated and built in a distinctive way in the 15th century made this temple noted for its archaeological value. 

Variety of patterns in temple architecture can be enjoyed here . It is a perfect blend of architecture of Kerala and Karnataka regions. The rich architecture , imposing structure of the temple and the copper plate roofing rises majestically against the cloistered court and the beautiful and fascinating landscape of hills and paddy fields and gardens with the river Madhuvahini flowing leisurely in front of the temple.

It has rich history connected to Tipu, In 1784 Tippu Sulthan attacked Kumbala border and entered to Madhur area. After drinking water from the well of the temple, he changed his mind on attacking and demolishing the Garbhagudi and marched towards Malabar. But to satisfy his soldiers and Islamic scholars he made a cut with his sword symobolising the attack. The mark is still visible on the building that is built around the temple well.

The wood carving in the temple is marvelous. The carvings depict historic heroes of Mahabharata and Ramayana are in the ceilings of Namaskara Mandapam of the temple. A closer examination of the wood carvings would disclose the various episodes of the Ramayana, beginning with the Sita Swayamvara . The outside facade of the second and third storey of the main building are also profuse with attractive and exquisite wood carvings and stucco statues of Bhairav , Nandi , etc . Topped with a Kirtimukh . In the wood carved inner Mukh Mandapam and Sukasanas , there are Shiva and Vinayak idols.

I would recommend you wear your footwear to the entrance on the eastern side since the gravel may make your walk from the western side very uncomfortable. You can leave your footwear outside the entrance. As with all religious places in India, please wear appropriate clothing-- traditional Indian clothes preferable.

Don’t miss the prasadam  (UNNIYAPPAM) which is made by Gee and Rice which is so delicious to say. Temple Maha pooja timings are 8.00 am, 12.30 noon and 8.00 pm.

Some of the sewas one can offer are at the following rate :

Rudrabhisheka - Rs. 5.00, Panchakajjaya - Rs. 6.00, Appa - Rs. 7.00, Ganapathi Homa - Rs. 30.00 and Udayastamana - Rs. 40.00. 

We decided to continue our journey to Ananthapura Lake Temple which is just 7 KM from here, the humidity were getting hot, we reached there on 1PM.