Explore Kannur Top Destination Paithalmala

Taithalmala is located near Pottenplave village at a height of 1371 m above sea level and is the highest geographic peak in kannur. It is located 65 KM from Kannur and 40 KM from Thaliparamba. Nestled in the Kerala Karnataka border near to Kodagu forests. Is a Superb place those who like trucking, Photography. Our journey was from our college with juniors which made it really awesome and memorable. Started from Thaliparamba which took 1.30 hours to reach there.

It is an unpolluted destination where the traveller is left to himself. No luxury once you leave the comfortable Hotel accommodation available at Karuvanchal situated some 15 KM downhill Kappymala. It is better to avail a four wheel drive Jeep for the 3 KM drive from Kappymala to Manjappullu from where the trekking through the forest starts. The climate throughout the year is pleasant and refreshing. It is always advisable to have at least one companion, as you may not find a crowd any where nearby. Safe destination and helpful local community.

We Reached there on 10AM and I feel the climate change cool breeze refreshed my mind,it was simply superb, I just watch around and that greenery is still captured my mind. It also remembered me Ranipuram Hill Station in Kasaragod.

While walking should care about ‘leech’. There is no restaurant or motels, so don’t try to climb with empty stomach. Carry some salt or tobacco powder to escape from leech. You should walk through a narrow passage. Chapels are better than shoes as you can see where these blood suckers are going. I made the mistake of wearing a shoe and ended up taking a leech back.

The best thing i enjoyed here was walking through the clouds. If you reach here before noon you can surely enjoy the same. There is a stream on the valley, you can take bath there. Before climbing, you must take food and water you wont get anything in the hill other than natures love and pampering of the sweet wind.. its totally 1.5 hrs approx to visit the first view point. View point gives very nice view of the hills, and little bit of luck on your side, you can have very good memories. 

We were 40 pax and slowly started climbing. The ways are good but narrow you should take care while on your every steps. Many of them quit the task and back to bus. We do continue our ride and at last we 4 reached first at the top that gave some more energy. It took 1.30 hours for us, the view from the top is mind blowing, no words to explain it, there’s two ways in when reach at the top, we goes our right side, time was 12PM but not that much hot, our water bottle were getting empty. On the way our Our Sir and Guide Binu said that there’s a small water source while on your travel and we walked towards that finally finds water source was ever so clean and cool, we took rest there some time. Some of them climb with their kids felt difficult but finally reached there and we given water to all. Around 1 PM we back from that end to top staring point to had food.

Those who travel to paithalmala definitely carry water and Food, thanks to Mani Chettan our driver he took food bottom to top for 40. Its so tasty and also hungry for lunch too. I took some time rest and started our return slowly on 2.30PM captured some moments with my friends, I had one thing in my mind ill come back again to enjoy the real beauty. It only took 1 hour to reach the bottom. We waits for others and took group photos. I would say it was my first journey with my girlfriend it also gave lots of memmories to remember and make me more energetic while on our journey. At last we said bye bye to paithalmala and ring double bell to back to college. We reached there on 6 PM with some cool memories and back to hotstel.

My Personal advice is not to go with women and children. Don't trouble them. If you want to go, visit with friends. Visit there only if you have personal mode of travelling, because public transport service is not frequent and there is a huge gap in between trips and at times erratic and Bus may not turn up and you may get stuck somewhere.

Kerala Transport Buses start from Kannur at 7.00 am direct to Pottenplave ,which is the last point you have motarable road.If you miss the bus, Go to Talliparamba, and from there go to Kudiyanmala. At Kudiyan mala hire a Jeep for Rs 300/ to 500/-.While returning , you have direct bus to kannur from Pottenplave at 5.00pm. Sometimes it may not come. So don't wait. Whatever Bus comes catch it to reach Thaliparamba. Last bus from Kudiyanmala is 7.00 pm.Don't take risk.