Reveal Kannur Top Destination Muzhappilangad Drive in Beach

As we all know that Kerala is known for its several beaches. The Muzhappilangad Beach (5.5 KM length) is one of the popular and longest Drive-in beach in india. The beach is just 1 KM away from the west side of National Highway connecting Kannur-Thalassery, and is located 7 KM from Thalassery and 15 KM from Kannur.

The beach festival is celebrated in April mainly by youths with bike and car ride stunts. and it is one of the important tourist attraction in Kannur.  It is featured as Top 6 best beaches in the world in BBC article.

We have seen so many beaches around kerala or India, But this beach is entirely different. We can easily drive-in to the beach. You have to pay an entry fee and rest is in your hand. Have fun by drifting and splashing. This beach is fully crowded on holidays and weekends. So please be careful while driving. you can drive for 5.5 km. Also beautiful sunset, cool breeze, even you can bath in the sea water. Best time to visit is evening. Enjoy the sea and sunset. This place is ideal for family kids will definitely like the surroundings. Let them enjoy.

Muzhappilangad Drive-in Beach is great fun place to be at, where you can pay at an entry way and take your Car on the beach and experience some madness by driving your car on the beach cutting the waves and splashing water. Though may folks over speed, I request you to please not to do so as there are kids playing around, elderly people walking and fisherman doing their daily chores. On the left extreme end of the beach there is a Communist Symbol structure nice place to sit and watch sea.

It's a nice pretty pleasant stretch of beach with some charming beach houses and village houses along the perfectly good tarred beach road lined with coconut groves. However the beach itself its completely wrecked by visitors who insist on driving on it. It's not suitable for swimming or spending any time there as a result. Quite honestly driving on this beach is the silliest thing to do I have ever seen anywhere in the world. When we were there it was high tide and monsoon season and yes there was still driving long the sand just out of reach of the waves.

Most countries have banned driving on beaches for obvious environmental reasons, and rightly so. There are a few places where it's still a necessity like Fraser Island in Australia but at Muzhappilangad it's simply ridiculous as there is the perfectly good road to use right along its length. Its not a particularly long beach either just a few kilometers. 
Evening its very much crowdy and its good to enjoy beautiful sunset which falls in the sea.