Explore Kasaragod Top Destination Bekal Fort and Beach

By around 4.30 PM we reached the place. Fortunately because of the rain clouds it was pleasant even though evening. The fort has great history and it changed hands from the likes of Shivappa Nayaka, Tipu sultan, The British to Govt of India. We explored this fort around 1.30 hours.

This fort gives a spectacular view of Arabian Sea and a long look at the beach with coconut trees by side. There is entry fee for all so in the evening time little bit rush for to take ticket. There’s enough space for parking. Make sure you reach there at least 2 PM; it closes by around 5.30 PM. The view from the watchtower is just awesome give clear picture of Kanhangad, Pallikara, Bekal and Kottikulam. Also get good view of sunset, but for us it was not that much time to stay till sunset, we walked around the fort and also go down to the beach but required some time to reach there and there were crowded.

The fort is well maintained, clean and well managed around fort is having small garden as well, so the fort was looks great as the green shades adds to the beauty of the fort. We walk almost all the ways and it gives different views from one side to other. I saw some caves and underground paths which were used for defenses on that era, the secret pathway from the fort to the beach got locked to avoid people coming in without tickets.  It gives clear picture how they managed to fight with enemies. It stands on a 35 acre place have enough to walk and explore for minimum 1 hour.

Humidity was normally hot so must carry water bottle. There are a couple of refreshment stalls inside which sell water bottles, ice creams to cut pineapples.
On the way saw a hanuman temple at the gate which meant as the security the fort. It was common for Kings like Shivappa Nayaka in the medieval times to have a hanuman temple at the entrance of fort for protection.

The temple is a cute little structure which has was with 3D painting of the most critical ten movements from Ramayana. Although there is nothing much to see around, we back on 6 PM and that time saw much more peoples were there to enjoy the beautiful view of sunset from the top of Fort. So we decided to pack ourselves and continued the return journey.