A Day in Historical Chandragiri fort of Kasaragod

Kasaragod - land of rivers, art forms, beautiful beaches,, mosques, temples like Ananthapura lake temple, mudhur temple and historic forts including Bekal Fort. The peoples are very friendly and with unique style of slang is well. Kasaragod is a mixture of all and if you're planning to visit Kerala, Don't miss Kasaragod  Tourist Attractions it has plenty to explore.  

Places to Visit in God Gifted Canada

Canada is by size, the biggest nation in North America, second largest on earth, it is remarkable with wide mix of societies and Canada is one of the wealthiest nations and a note worthy traveller goal.

Top 5 Sacred Temples in Kerala

Kerala not only known for its Natural beauties like Beaches, Backwaters, Mountains also famously known for historical building, forts, temples is well.  We can see hundreds of temples in kerala with long histories behind. World’s richest temples to lake temple Ananthapura Lake temple. With its culture, architecture styles, specialities, rituals are much different from one to other. Here is the top 5 temples that you don’t miss while your trip.

Top 5 Overrated Hill Stations in Kerala

Kerala - One of the god blessed place in the earth with all the attractions it having, perfect climate made it popular as the tourists coming from all over the world. Nicknamed as Gods Own Country. Hill stations, Backwaters, Beaches, Historical sites, Waterfalls all will give great experience while your trip to kerala.This is a detail of some of the most important Hill stations in Kerala. There are many more important Hill stations are there other than this, But it is as per the popularity in different places. 

Best Places to Visit in USA

United States of America presents a bunch of beautiful places perfectly suits for your holiday vacations. USA is a developed country with a high economic status earns a major share from its tourism vertical. A foreigner can’t visit all travel locations by a certain travel package, so I like to present top 5 tourist locations in USA. There are 50 states in USA that gives a clear idea on the geographical size of the country. US having many travel locations ranges from New York City, Santiago, Las Vegas, Chicago, beaches and skyscrapers.

Places to Visit in USA

  • New York City
  • Grand Canyon
  • Washington D.C
  • Las Vegas
  • Chicago